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There are lots of different ways you can buy a home and one of those ways is using rent to own. Its not just for buying a home either. Many businesses have been established over the years that offer rent to own on everything from home appliances to cars and the list of what you can rent to own continues to grow. The focus of this web site is mainly about how rent to own houses work and how you can secure your own rent to own home.

Have you ever drive down the street and noticed those bright yellow signs nailed all over the wooden telegraph poles advertising rent to own homes? They look pretty ugly and make the streets look really unloved, but the reason people continue to put these signs all over our suburbs, is because people call them. We have used signs in the front yards of properties that we are looking to sell on rent to own terms, and they work just as well, but don't make the neighbourhood look aweful.

There are many alternative ways to promote the existance of rent to own properties that people still respond to and they don't make the neighbourhood look trashy.

You will often find advertisements in the classifieds of the local papers and other publications, like the trading post and some of the free online classifieds. The other method that we have used to promote the existance of rent to own homes is through direct mail, around the areas that the home is available in, because people who are already renting in those surrounding areas, would more then likely like to buy their own home in the same areas.

We have already mentioned this on many other pages throughout this web site, but as a home buyer, you must use extreme causion when you are ready to buy your own home through a rent to own program. You can't afford to take short cuts or deal with the wrong person. Doing so can potentially spell out financial ruin for you and your family.

Its important for your to become rent to own savy so that you understand the rules and how everything works, because committing to any deal that involves rent to own terms. First of all, you need to learn how people market rent to own houses and why, because this will make everything fall into place much easier for you.

So why do people sell homes on rent to own terms? Normally it is because they can offer great cash flow options for the people selling the home. The buyers are normally happy to pay more each week to the owner, because each payment gives them the opportunity to build up a deposit to eventually purchase the property at a later date. The owner makes money each month on the extra payments received by the tenant buyer, and some extra profit at the end of the deal if the tenant buyer eventually buys the home with the deposit they have been building up over the term of the rent to own agreement.

So lets now pretend that you know how to negotiate your own rent to own deal with a seller who is keen to sell their home, but can't find any suitable buyers, willing to pay the price they are hoping to get. Instead of dealing with a rent to own investor, you are now dealing directly with a seller who is motivated to sell. If you can show a seller some of the benefits of selling their home using rent to own as their sales instrument, then you will find yourself renting to own your own home very quickly.

There are always sellers who have no other option available to them, except rent to own sales, but the problem is, they don't know this sales method even exists. Using the techniques available in the DIY Rent To Buy Houses Manual, you will be able to learn the required skills of securing these deals and helping a seller to solve their selling problems, while helping you to secure your own rent to own home. We already know that investors who buy and sell homes using the rent to own niche, tend to make between $40,000 to $100,000+ profit per deal, so you know already that you will be saving this money by doing the deal yourself!

This is not a hard thing to learn at all folks. All you need is a little bit of confidence and a desire to own your own home. If you possess both of these attributes, then you have what it takes to own your own home using rent to own as your method to home ownership.