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Following on from what we have discussed in our Rent To Buy Australia page, we have gone a little deeper to discuss specific rent to buy systems used in many of the Sydney suburbs. We have found that its not just the really cheap suburbs that suit rent to buy purchasing. In fact, many middle class families look into the rent to buy purchasing options in more expensive price ranges as well.

When we first got started with buying and selling rent to buy houses in Sydney, we mainly worked in the 2770 postcode known as Mount Druitt. Some of the pockets in the Mount Druitt area that we mainly worked in were Lethbridge Park, Willmot, Tregear, Shalvey, Blackett and Emerton.

Not long after this, we found that families were also keen to rent to buy homes in the Glendenning, Dean Park, Quakers Hill, Stanhope Gardens and Glenwood areas as well.

What this told us is that while families are earning good money, and their personal circumstances are preventing them from getting a normal home loan, that the rent to buy niche would be popular across most Sydney suburbs.

We have also seen rent to buy investor companies sprining up in Sydney's South West areas as well, like Liverpool, Casula, Campbelltown and Bankstown areas. In short, rent to buy sydney properties would work for most people.

With this in mind, you need to be very mindful and careful or how you go about securing your own rent to buy home, because if you get this wrong, you could be headed for financial ruin. Our aim is to convince you that you should take matters into your own hands, and learn how to attract sellers who will work directly with you in a rent to buy deal, instead of putting your families future into the hands of a rent to buy investor.

Not only will you save on average, around $30,000+ by learning these deals yourself, and avoiding the rent to buy investors, but you will be educating yourself to make sure that you can do this again in the future, or even be able to help a friend of family member do the same.

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