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Here Are Some Of The Success Stories So Far...

When We First Heard About The Creative Strategies Available To Everyone To Buy Their Own Home, We Thought It Would Be Impossible To Implement Them... And Way Too Hard And Time Consuming... Boy, Were We Wrong!

Marc and Belinda“To the DIY Rent to Buy team, Just before you release your manual, we wanted to provide you with an update of our achievements that we solely contribute as a direct result of the information you are about to share with everyone in your DIY Rent to Buy Manual.

When we first heard about the creative strategies available to everyone to buy their own home, we thought it would be impossible to implement them, and way too hard or time consuming. Boy, were we wrong! Anyone with the right knowledge can make this work, no matter what financial position they are in. Your manual contains ALL the information one needs to buy a home, now!

Since our testimonial in September 2008 and November 2008, we have been able to further hone our skills through your mentoring and help more families with home ownership. We have been able to apply layers to the strategies that you teach and the systems are now second nature. Once you grasp an understanding, the opportunities for home ownership are endless, no matter how little deposit and/or poor ones credit rating.

Read the full testimonial from Belinda and Marc here...

Belinda and Marc, Glenwood, NSW

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We Are Blown Away By The Support We Are Receiving From The DIY Rent To Buy Team

“We have much appreciation for the DIY Rent to Buy team. We had spoken to them a couple of months ago about Rent to Buy, and found their advice and knowledge so helpful that we purchased the DIY Rent to Buy Manual. My husband and I are blown away by the support we are receiving from them. They are truly there to help guide you into achieving your dream of having your own home. The people behind the DIY Rent to Buy manual are an amazing team! Thank you so much!"

Ben and Tracy Turner, Pyalong, VIC

From Renting With No Assets To Owning 2 Homes In 1 Year!

“I moved from the Philippines to St Marys with no assets and renting a house with 6 kids. I needed a house of my own for me and the family and with only 3 months employment history the banks wouldn’t touch me. With this system, I was able to buy two homes in just one year”.

Efren Mazo, St Marys, NSW

From: The DIY Rent To Buy Team
Sydney, Thursday 9.47am

Dear Future Home Owner,

FACT: Most families struggle to save their deposit to own their own home, due to all the day to day living costs involved in running the family. Unfortunately, many families are left with the reality of renting for the rest of their lives.

FACT: Most families, who do get close to saving a deposit for their own home, often fall short with emergencies that require them to dig into their savings, like car repairs and health problems.

FACT: Most families are fed up with the struggle of being able to own their own home. They feel like they are on a hopeless merry-go-round with no end in sight.

We know what it’s like when things aren’t always going your way. But we also know how to buy a home with little or no deposit required. Quickly, easily and without fuss. We know how to secure property for as little as $10.00 deposit… and we can show you exactly how we do it.

Getting out of the rental trap and moving into your own home can sometimes seem way out of reach for many of us. We see advertisements for home and land packages where $1,000 gets you started, but then you find out that offer is only for people with huge incomes and really great credit ratings.

Other times, you see homes available on easy finance terms from an investor, but the cost of their homes are often highly inflated, because they know you are desperate to own your own home, and have limited options available… until now.

None of us like to be ripped off. Is it really that bad to want a home for our family and feel the security of owning our own home? We generally need to have lots of savings, great credit and be in a secure job for the last 50 years! (Well, maybe not that long, but it can feel that way when you desperately want to get your foot in the door of home ownership).

Owning your own home doesn’t need to be this difficult… you’re about to discover an easy way to own your own home, quickly, and without fuss. Let us explain…

Who are we & why should you listen to us?

We have been actively buying and selling homes on rent to buy programs for many years, and we show families just like yours how to own your own home, regardless of the condition of your credit rating and with little or no savings… sometimes as low as $10.00! Big call? Maybe… but please keep reading and discover why we are deadly serious. Find out why we believe we can help any family to…

You may of heard about We Buy Homes already but if not, its our other website that we have run for the past 10 years.

Would you like to:

  • Secure your own home without needing banks, real estate agents or rent to buy investors?
  • Secure your own home with little or no deposit?
  • Build up equity while renting to buy?
  • Use other peoples credit to own your own home (where the owner already has a loan in place that you can simply maintain, and they will love you for it)?
  • Use handyman skills to add even more value to your own home?

If you answered YES to any of the points above, you are probably at the right place at the right time. Keep reading to discover why...

You’ll discover how we are now revealing our ten years of experience in buying and selling property with no credit rating and virtually no deposit required in a convenient home study manual, called the DIY Rent To Buy Manual. With this manual in your hands, you can finally say goodbye to renting and stop making your landlord rich forever! And the best news is, you can easily afford this.

We Were Going To Move To Perth But Luckily We Found This!

“We were about to pack up, when we spotted your advertisement explaining how we could purchase a home with very little deposit required. We’ve ended up moving into our nice new home at Stanhope Gardens and the value of our home has increased significantly as well. We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend anyone to this system”.

Greg & Julie, Stanhope Gardens, NSW

WARNING! This is different from anything you have ever heard of before! If being able to own your own home with no credit rating and very little deposit required offends you… Please STOP reading now. However, if you’re even slightly interested in owning your own home, and not paying too much for it, then this letter is for you!

We have been referred to as hired guns. A highly skilled team who help show families every day how they really can become home owners, despite what some “experts” may have told you before. We are Rent To Buy experts, but don’t worry, we are here to show you how to win using these systems without buying a home at inflated prices from investors…

We have owned and controlled plenty of properties over the years, and we have also been stuck renting as well! We know what it’s like living in a home that is not your own, and the feeling of knowing that any month, the rent could go up, or worse yet, the owner or landlord might decide to sell. We spent quite a few years in our early days, needing to move from one house to the next, every time the landlord decided to sell… Its not only exhausting, but it costs a fortune as well!

Your Rent To Buy Sign Really Caught Our Attention!

“Driving to our friend’s house one weekend, we spotted one of your Rent To Buy signs out the front of one of your homes for sale. Despite earning a good income, my partner had a couple of spots on her credit report, and we did not have any deposit. After meeting you for a coffee, I was very surprised to see just how easy buying a home could be, and six weeks later, purchased our own home in Quakers Hill with only $1000 deposit.”

Mark Clifford, Quakers Hill, NSW

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Now we are making our 10 years of Rent To Buy expertise available to the public

Introducing our…

DIY Rent To Buy Manual…

DIY Rent To Buy Manual image

“Take our step by step home study systems and follow them exactly… and use these proven systems to go out and find your own Rent To Buy Home”

Take a look at everything you will be getting in the table of contents here...

DIY Rent To Buy Manual Table Of Contents Page 1


DIY Rent To Buy Manual Table of Contents Page 2


DIY Rent To Buy Manual Table of Contents Page 3



If you could follow a proven step by step system, to get your family out of the rental merry-go-round, wouldn't you follow it? Most families, when asked this question, would answer a resounding YES, but more on this in a moment… The reason we decided to put these step by step systems together was really out of necessity.

The Phone Call That Changed Everything

One weekend, without our knowledge, we were featured in one of the largest newspapers in Australia, talking about how successful our Rent To Buy business had become. Our web site went into meltdown, and we had no idea why.

Here we were, quietly going about our Rent To Buy business, when we received a phone call from one of the large TV stations wanting to do a story on Rent To Buy and how it all works. Naturally, we were excited to get media coverage for our business, but at the same time, we were also very concerned that the demand that coverage would create, would almost certainly put our phones into melt down. We politely and reluctantly declined the offer to be interviewed…

However our phones still rang off the hook and our web site still went into meltdown! You see, "No" doesn’t always mean "No" where the media are concerned. Our business and web site still ended up being featured on prime time TV and there was nothing we could do about it!

We had to think, and think fast. How could we turn this situation around, so that people would not be disappointed all around the country?

Then the answer came. We quickly put up a page on our web site inviting people all around the country to ask any questions they wanted to ask, about Rent To Buy and how it all worked. The response was totally overwhelming, and this “disaster” actually turned into a great opportunity for the many thousands of people around the country who wanted to break free from the rental cycle.

Combining our ten years of industry experience and gathering questions from everyday real life families, just like yours, we were able to create Australia’s first Step by Step DIY Rent To Buy Manual. Created for everyday families just like yours…

The System That Will Save You $40,000 - $100,000+

We were sick and tired of seeing "fly by night investors" out in the market place trying to take advantage of families all around the country. During the nine years that we had been in this business, we saw many "fly by night" type investors that would attend these “get rich quick” seminars to learn about how to make maximum profits from everyday families just like yours!

With the sudden surprise of our business going on prime time television, and the rise of "fly by night" Rent To Buy investors, we actually found the perfect answer…

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Would You Like To Know...

  1. How everyone around the whole country could own their own home without needing to deal with any inexperienced investors… Saving their family between $40,000 - $100,000+ (Yes, that is the average profit margin that rent to buy investors are making!)
  2. How everyone around the whole country can secure their own home for as little as $10.00 (Yes, it is very possible to secure your own home for such a small price – the rent to buy investors do this all the time!)
  3. How any family around the country could independently follow a proven step by step manual and become home owners in a time frame that suits them!

Our DIY Rent To Buy Manual covers everything you and your family need to know, to secure your own home this year! It’s like having us with you every step of the way, guiding you on what you need to do in each step of the way.

We are sick and tired of seeing the unethical rent to buy investors (not all, but many) advertisements in the local papers around Australia, advertising homes that are simply over priced. They are over priced for a very good reason! They are not buying these homes at a discount so the profit margins they seek to make, are from their desperate buyers. Don’t let this happen to you… ever!

You now have the keys to go out and put your own Rent To Buy deal together, with a seller who will be more then happy to do business with you personally. Imagine getting a call from a seller responding to your advertisement to buy their home on Rent To Buy terms. In no time at all, you could have moved in and started setting up your families new home! How would it feel inviting your friends and family around to YOUR own home?

Here Are Just a Few of the Rent To Buy Methods You’ll Discover!

And what’s even better, everything we teach, every gem we reveal to you, has been proven to work in the real world where everyday sellers are looking for the solutions that your new found knowledge will solve. We have tested these systems with our own money, refined, tweaked and polished them until they worked predictably like a fine oiled machine, every single time. Nothing has been left to chance. These systems are not based on theory, they are based on real life.

When you finally get your hands on our proven step by step Rent To Buy systems, you will have an ear to ear grin on your face, just like a child in a candy store. Because you will instantly be able to use the information we give you… and you will be kicking yourself for NOT getting this information much sooner.

And the best part about these systems is the price!

The cost of investing in these systems compared to the benefits you will receive is so low, that we have mixed feelings about what we are offering. Many peers have said we are crazy for making this information available in the first place, and have gone on to say that we are making it too easy for people, but this is the only real way we can help as many people as possible to own their own home.

Considering that when you buy a home traditionally, and provided you can actually borrow the money from a bank, you would normally need to have at least $50,000 deposit saved up, and that’s for a much cheaper home. For some homes, you would need to have more then $200,000+ saved up, and this does not even take into account that you would still need to be paying rent and covering all the other costs of living while saving this money. If you have owned a home before, don’t forget all those stamp duty costs…

So that’s why we decided to place these systems within the reach of any family. In fact, for a limited time, we plan on making it available for less than the cost of 2-4 weeks average rent, so that you have these systems ready to put into place right away. Some may ask, why so cheap, what’s the catch, and why is it less then the cost of 2-4 week’s average rent?

Well there is no catch. We have made these systems available for one simple reason. So that anyone could become a home owner and have no excuse for renting any longer! Actually, there was another reason for making these systems available as well. We needed to duplicate ourselves, so that we could show people all over the country how to own their own home… Not just people who live near us!

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If you’re a decision maker who can act fast, we’ll give you…

FREE GIFT BONUS #1 (Limited Offer)
12 Months of Free Help Desk Support
“You receive a voucher that entitles you to 12 months of helpdesk support”
Valued at Over $2000.00

Even though we will help you every step of the way in our DIY Rent To Buy Manual, you will be entitled to 12 Months of Free Helpdesk support.

Receive all our Forms and Flyers
“You receive all the forms and flyers that are found in the DIY Rent To Buy Manual in electronic format to use for your own purposes.”
Valued at Over $1500.00

The forms and flyers that we have supplied in our DIY Rent To Buy Manual work incredibly well and can give you a "unique problem" when using them properly. That "unique problem" is actually having too many properties to choose from :-)

FREE GIFT BONUS #3 (Limited To 14 People)
Get One on One Coaching
“You receive a 1 Hour "Getting Started" One on One coaching call (or in person over a coffee if you live in Sydney) to help you get started... You can ask as many questions as you like during this time to help you get started.”
Valued at Over $497.00

When you invest in your own copy of the DIY Rent To Buy Manual, you can speak to us one on one, either in person over a coffee or over the phone and we will help you with any questions you may have and make sure you get started to hit the ground running.

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Remember... You Either Move Into Your Own Home In The Next 365 Days...
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Either You Secure Your Own Rent To Buy Home
Between Now and 365 Days...


We Work With You One On One Until You
Have Moved Into Your Own Home

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Let's Take A Look In Detail Again
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The DIY Rent To Buy Manual
And How Much You Save…

Item Description
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DIY Rent To Buy Manual $2997.00 $497.00
10 Years of solid Industry Expertise $100,000.00+ Free
12 Months of Online Helpdesk Support $2000.00 Free
Forms & Flyers $1500.00 Free
1 Hour of One on One Coaching $497.00 Free
Total Cost
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Simply complete the details on the next page to secure your copy of DIY Rent To Buy Houses Manual today. This offer is strictly limited and we cannot guarantee this price for long. And look, in 30 days time you will be just 30 days older, with the same old worries and concerns you have already, promising yourself that “one day” you will do something about owning your own home, or you could be well on your way TODAY.

Take action… And secure your copy TODAY.

We look forward to working with you and your family right away, and look forward to hearing your success story as soon as possible.

The DIY Rent To Buy Team

P.S. Your purchase in the DIY Rent To Buy Manual is completely Risk Free! Try our DIY Rent To Buy Manual for a full 12 months and if you have not managed to secure your own home in this time, simply call us and we will work with you one on one until the day you move into your own home!

P.P.S. Remember, for just the cost of 2-4 weeks average rent, you get our ten years of Rent To Buy experience and also get the pressing questions answered that many viewers from around the country asked us to answer… Its all here in one manual.